Intellectual Freedom Manual

Welcome to! This site was designed to supplement the Intellectual Freedom Manual, Eighth Edition—from the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom. This site provides you with access to all the resources referenced in the book that are available online and up-to-date information on evolving intellectual freedom issues. You will also find information and links related to previous editions of the Manual.


There are six parts of the Manual with sections listed below:


Part I: Intellectual Freedom and Libraries: An Overview

  1. Intellectual Freedom: An Enduring and All-Embracing Concept
  2. ALA and Intellectual Freedom: A Historical Overview
  3. Challenges and Issues Today

Part II: Library Bill of Rights

  1. Policy Statement
  2. Interpretations

Part III: Protecting the Freedom to Read

  1. The Freedom to Read
  2. Libraries: An American Value
  3. Policies and Statements Related to Access to Information, Library Resources, and Library Services
  4. Policies and Statements Related to Confidentiality, Privacy, and Governmental Intimidation

Part IV: Code of Ethics of the American Library Association

  1. Code of Ethics of the American Library Association
  2. Enforcement of the "Code of Ethics of the American Library Association": Questions and Answers
  3. Resolution on Workplace Speech
  4. Questions and Answers on Speech in the Workplace: An Explanatory Statement of the "ALA Code of Ethics"

Part V: Intellectual Freedom and the Law

  1. Public Libraries and the Public Forum Doctrine
  2. Minors' First Amendment Rights to Access Information
  3. Privacy and Confidentiality in Libraries

Part VI: Preserving, Protecting, and Working for Intellectual Freedom

  1. Preparing for and Responding to Challenges
  2. Communicating the Intellectual Freedom Message
  3. Lobbying for Intellectual Freedom
  4. Rallying for Intellectual Freedom: Where to Go for Help and How you Can Help